DCHC participates in the celebration of Medkon Lines 5th anniversary in Egypt ||Nov 2022

Medkon Lines celebrated the fifth anniversary of its founding in Egypt, on Friday, October 28, 2022 in a Cairo hotel, in the presence of Mr. Haridi Al -Shazly Haridi - Chairman of the Board of Directors that Marine Group and Mr. Ahmed Amara - Director of the Navigation Line in Egypt and Mr. / Essik - the owner of the Medicone Lines line in Turkey. A representative of the Damietta Container and Cargo Trading Company was attended by Mr. Mohamed Al -Alfi and Mr. Ahmed Abbas - Marketing Department, and they were handed over the shipping line shield in honor For the shipping line ships in Damietta Port. It is worth noting that the navigational line deals with the port of Damietta in the MIA service and that this service operates regularly between the ports (Mersin - Iskenderun - Alexandria - Damietta - Beirut) and the Damietta port is frequent with this service at the rate of one ship per week.