RTG for Sale

DCHC branch (Private Free Zone), wholly owned by DCHC, announces the process of RTG sale with a closed envelope bidding system(financial envelope):

Process NamePrice of the statement of work Primary insuranceDate of the envelope resolution session
No. of (10) used RTG with their spare parts Japanese origin500 LE10000 US Dollars or equivalent in Egyptian pound 27/10/2021.
  1. RTG are sold as they are and fit to operate in container terminals companies and others.
  2. Spare parts are new and sold with RTG
  3. The duration of tenders is 90 days from the date of the envelope resolution session
  4. Manual of technical and financial requirements and specifications exists in Company headquarters inside the customs zone of the Damietta port. The envelope should be submitted closed and includes financial presentation addressed to the name of Major-General Managing Director no later than Wednesday 27/10/2021 ,the date of the closing session, at 12 noon local time.
  5. Attached to the financial envelope an initial insurance of US $ 10000 or equivalent to Egyptian pound and increase 30% if the applicant is awarded a bid
  6. An inspection should be conducted at the Damietta Containers Co. and the financial envelope should be submitted within 21 days from the date of advertisment.
  7. The Terms, Specifications, Regulations on Contracts, Purchases and Stores of the Company and Act No. 182 of 2018 complement the terms of this Declaration.