Dredging operations begin alongside DCHC quays ||Jan 2022

The giant dredger (GHASHA) started its dredging operations alongside DCHC quays, starting from 06/01/2022. You may know that the first three phases of the quay rehabilitation project have been completed, and work is progressing in the last phase of 336 meters on berths (1, 2). The project will end with a berth length of 1450 meters. Where the efficiency of all quays was raised and rebuilt again to have a design depth of 17 meters to receive the largest draft of container ships in the world, in conjunction with the purchase of the latest model giant berth winch (Malaccamax) with three cranes. The dredger (GHASHA) will start dredging works in front of the new reinforced container berths, reaching an initial depth of -15.5 meters and reaching a final depth of 17 meters. Admiral/ Alaa Ibrahim, Executive Managing Director, stated that the project represents a model for cooperation between the Port Authority and the companies operating in the port, which certainly results in an increase in demand for the port and enhances the competitive advantages enjoyed by the port and the container terminal. And as a culmination of these huge investments from the Damietta Container Handling Company to reinforce the berths, and from the Damietta Port Authority to increase the draft (a shipping lane / circulation dock / in front of the berths), which will have the most impact on increasing the capacity of Damietta Port. Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company extends its thanks and appreciation to the success partners of the workers for their dedication to work during this exceptional period, as well as the DCHC’s clients from international shipping lines for the support which they provided throughout the period of carrying out the development project work. Damietta Container Handling Company informs all its clients that the terminal is on the way to regain its market position as the main container terminal in Egypt and East Med region after the completion of the new developing projects included: (Berth depth 17 meters – 3 new quay cranes Malaccamax – TOS Navis N4). So stay tuned to welcome DCHC in the new modern shape.