Social Responsibility

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  • DCHC, based on the desire of its employees, deducts monthly sums from their dues for charitable projects such as donating to the Children's Cancer Hospital and supplying it with its knowledge to the hospital in order to facilitate the worker who wants to volunteer.
  • DCHC provides (2) equipped ambulances in addition to the paramedics and the medical clinic, and it helps workers with injured workplaces to obtain medical service of a distinguished level.
  • DCHC participate in educational or community awareness initiatives in general: The company trains college and university students during the summer period.
  • DCHC participate in community development initiatives in partnership with the private sector: The company considers the demands of private sector companies (exporters) and encourages export and reduces 50% of its contribution in supporting the national economy.
  • DCHC assists sister subsidiary companies in providing their needs of foreign exchange in order to be able to accomplish the work that they undertake and fulfill their financial obligations as foreign exchange has been arranged for these companies.
  • On September 24, 2018, the General Assembly approved the authorization of the Board of Directors to donate as follows:
    • 2000000.00 EGP for the Services and Local Development Fund in Damietta Governorate.
  • On 26/5/2019, the Board of Directors approved the company's contribution to the costs of organizing the African Nations Cup championship in the amount of 500,000.00 EGP
  • Measuring the company's rates of pollution and the resulting risks to the environment
    • It was contracted with one of the specialized agencies for the annual measurement of equipment exhaust and noise in the workshops.
    • DCHC uses its natural resources to manage manufacturing (Recycling) / Reuse system / Energy reduction system / Water saving system:
      • Used oils are collected in tanks and re-sold to Petrotrade Company, which is the accredited entity in the Arab Republic of Egypt to receive waste oils.
      • Protection units have been installed on the entrances of the cells of the voltage (11000 volts) to improve the electrical power factor of these cells and achieve a reduction in energy consumption.
      • Water sprinklers have been installed in the company's green spaces to reduce water waste, and comprehensive maintenance is being done for all water lines and networks in the company.
      • An industrial waste water treatment plant has been established and operational commenced on 7/7/2013.
      • Modern technology is used in the new RTG giant square winches with electric circuits instead of hydraulic (polluting the environment).
      • Environmentally friendly electric forklifts are used to work inside the shared warehouse