Sealead Shipping Line in DCHC for the first time ||Dec 2022

Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Co. has succeeded in attracting the Sealead Shipping Line, as the shipping line ships start to frequent the Damietta port at a rate of 2 vessels per week, the first new service trips will start with the Rantanplaan vessel, which was berthed on Sunday, 12/25/2022. The Sealead Shipping Line has a fleet of container ships covering 34 port around the world with a trading rate of 1.15 million rewards, which is a Singapore navigation line and has agents all over the world and in Egypt through the All Fast Shiping. This success is the culmination of the efforts made by Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Co., including management and workers in order to raise the company's affairs, and this success is the fruit of the huge projects implemented by the company, led by a giant project to support and deepen container sidewalks so that it enables it to receive giant container ships in the service that arrives Its submersible to 17 meters and its load is more than 20 thousand TEU. The station also finished the application of the Navis N4 system to manage and operate the container station electronically, which reflects positively on the rates of performance and efficiency of the station, and thus the station confirms its readiness to compete as the strongest ports of the eastern Mediterranean region. Admiral / Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim - Executive Managing Director thanks and appreciation to all employees of the company in all sectors for their loyal efforts and dedication to work in order to raise the company's affairs, and also thank you to the Damietta Port Authority headed by Admiral / Ahmed Hawash for full and fruitful coordination Between Damietta Container Company and Damietta Port Authority.