SeaLead shipping line delegation visited DCHC ||Feb 2023

Pursuant to the instructions of The Egyptian Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General Eng. Kamel Al-Wazir to take all necessary measures to develop the performance of national container terminals, as well as the instructions of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport to intensify marketing efforts to attracting new shipping lines and increasing the market share of the container terminal. On Tuesday31-1-2023, Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company received a delegation from the SeaLead Shipping Line represented by Mr. Vikram Ahlawat - Regional Director of the Shipping Line of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Mr. Ayman Al Maghribi - General Manager of Orca shipping, Shipping line Agent. and Mr. Ahmed Hussein - Orca operations Manager. The delegation was received by Admiral/Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim, Executive Managing Director of Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company. Mr. Vikram stated that the SeaLead Shiping Line had finally selected DCHC as a central Mediterranean port and all transit activities would be concentrated on it. The number of calls of mother vessels would be increased from 2 to 3 per week in addition to the feeder vessels. From his side, Admiral / Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim announced that the company would be able to accommodate the shipping line activity after DCHC finished its recent comprehensive developments, headed by the completion of the mega-project of rehabilitation the container berths and increasing the depth alongside to 17 meters so that DCHC can receive ultra large container vessels now on the market, in addition to purchased and received 3 giant STS quay gantry. It should be noted that the SeaLead shipping line, Singapore shipping lines and agents worldwide, has a fleet of container ships covering 34 ports around the world with a throughput rate of 1.15 million TEU, and SeaLead shipping vessels began dealing with DCHC at the beginning of 2023.